It’s Been a While…

Hello all.  It’s been quite a while since I have posted any new content.  I am up tonight, so I thought, “What the hell?”

Anyway,  I am still working at the Mental Health Center. I have been there for over 3 years now. It’s my longest Non-Military job ever. I am currently part-time, but we will see if I can make it back to Full-Time soon!

I was working at Walmart as an overnight stocker for about 2 or 3 weeks, but I’m still in the multiple year process of recovering from all of my surgeries, and my body just could not handle it. Too bad. I really needed the money.

Shortly after I moved to Fort Wayne, I resigned as Chaplain at my former VFW Post, and I transferred to a local Fort Wayne Post. I am now the Junior Vice Commander at the post. Due to so many relocations recently, this is my third post. At my first post, I was Senior Vice Commander, at my second post I was Chaplain, and now, at my third post, I am Junior Vice Commander. I just thought that was interesting.

I am in a fairly new relationship. She is great. We are doing awesome! Unfortunately, she is currently living 1,100 miles away. I will soon be going down there again, for the second time in 10 weeks. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. I am planning on moving there soon within the next 9-18 months, depending on my financial situation, and how soon I can get it turned around (Hence the Walmart job…more income plus ability to transfer when I am ready to relocate.)

I have started my own business. I am now an independent contractor for a company. It’s another Part-Time gig, at least for now, with opportunities to increase my work load as I gain experience. I am doing it 100% from home. I’m sure there will be more about that to come in the future. I don’t really have much else to say on the matter.

I got in another car accident. This time is was not my fault!! I was hit by another driver. It has taken forever to get it fixed. I am finally getting it fixed next week!!

That is all I have. I desperately need to take my medications, as I am several hours overdue. Y’all have a nice day or night now, whatever time of day you are reading this.


Update on ” Inner Peace, at Last”

Well, things turned out exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. Instead of getting married, my fiancee and I broke up over Christmas. Instead of buying the house I was renting, I moved to a studio apartment an hour away. Instead of taking a new job with the Department of Veterans Affairs, I recently found out that, after two interviews, I was not selected for the job. But it’s okay. My former fiancee and I are getting along better. We are not exactly together at this point, but we are talking about working things out slowly. I am recharged, refreshed and recommitted to my current job, and I love where I live. I have no doubt that this was all part of God’s plan, and there is a reason. I am doing my best to stay positive! Plus, I still have my awesome dog!!

Love Animals

I saw a Facebook post today about a baby elephant that was shunned by it’s mother.  The baby elephant cried nonstop for 5 straight hours. That breaks my heart. It made me so sad that I literally feel sick to my stomach when I think about it. It made me think of my dog. My dog is a rescue dog. He was mistreated and deserted by his previous owners, and then spent the next six months locked in a cage. That makes me sad as well, because he is a good dog, and he didn’t deserve that. No animal does. I guess now all I can do his treat him the best I can and give him the best life I can.

The Love of My Life

I’m so in love. Truly in love. Magically, unbelievably in love. God really knew what he was doing when He brought us together. She brings out the best in me. She makes me want to work to be a better man. A man that deserves her. I don’t think I deserve her, but she loves me anyway.  Do we have fights sometimes? Sure. Does she drive me unbelievably, super crazy sometimes? Hell yes. But, that’s more my problem than anything. She doesn’t do anything wrong most of the time. I’m just a selfish, Impatient asshole. But I would walk through the depths of Hell and punch Satan himself in the face if it would mean she wouldn’t feel an ounce of pain for a microsecond. Our biggest problem is money. But, that’s my fault. I have been making some very poor financial decisions lately. I hope I prove to her everyday how much she and our dogs mean to me.