Update on ” Inner Peace, at Last”

Well, things turned out exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. Instead of getting married, my fiancee and I broke up over Christmas. Instead of buying the house I was renting, I moved to a studio apartment an hour away. Instead of taking a new job with the Department of Veterans Affairs, I recently found out that, after two interviews, I was not selected for the job. But it’s okay. My former fiancee and I are getting along better. We are not exactly together at this point, but we are talking about working things out slowly. I am recharged, refreshed and recommitted to my current job, and I love where I live. I have no doubt that this was all part of God’s plan, and there is a reason. I am doing my best to stay positive! Plus, I still have my awesome dog!!

Love Animals

I saw a Facebook post today about a baby elephant that was shunned by it’s mother.  The baby elephant cried nonstop for 5 straight hours. That breaks my heart. It made me so sad that I literally feel sick to my stomach when I think about it. It made me think of my dog. My dog is a rescue dog. He was mistreated and deserted by his previous owners, and then spent the next six months locked in a cage. That makes me sad as well, because he is a good dog, and he didn’t deserve that. No animal does. I guess now all I can do his treat him the best I can and give him the best life I can.