Update on my surgery

I saw the doctor this morning for my follow up visit. He initially wanted me to see him again in 6 weeks, and did not want me to go back to work until then. I couldn’t do that, because I would have lost my job because I have no protection under FMLA due to currently working part time. So, I got him to agree to let me come back now, with restrictions, and I see him again in a month. I got the sutures removed, and he said that everything looks really good. He was able to save the nerves and muscle tissue this time, so I already have full range of motion, and won’t need a brace like I did for my right foot. My supervisor also has approved me to come back. Now, I’m just waiting on the paperwork to get through HR so they can officially approve it. If all goes well, I will be working less hours for a few weeks while I work myself back to my normal schdule. I am planning on working Wednesday and Saturday next week, to get the ball rolling on getting back to work.


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