My Role as Chaplain

I am currently holding the position of Chaplain. This is an honor for me. However, I may be replaced soon. It seems like something always comes between me and fulfilling my duties as Chaplain. As much as I hate to admit it, it may be better for everyone involved if I were to be replaced. My “day job” doesn’t allow me to participate in many funerals, which is a large part of the position. I also find it difficult to pray out loud in a group setting from time to time. Also, I don’t have the strongest spiritual life right now. There is so much room for me to improve that perhaps I should just vacate the position. But, I love what I do as Chaplain. It allows me to feel as if I am serving God on a level that I could have never previously imagined. Either way, I’m sure it will work out for the best. I am a huge believer that things, one way or another always work out for the common good and in a way that glorifies the Lord.


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