We were FINALLY able to move into our house in February. We are all settled in, but still trying to finish getting organized. It seems to be taking a while. We love the house, and so does the dog.

Work has been crazy busy, even though I only work 30 hours a week. I think that may be why its so busy though. I have to fit 40 hours of work into 30 hours. I am still driving a lot for work, but at least its within the 3 county area. Also, after moving us all the way up here to be closer to work, our employer decided to transfer Sharame to Plymouth.

I am in the process of transferring my care from the Marion VA Medical Center to the VAMC in Fort Wayne. It is closer and I am hoping to get a doctor that I like better. Also, they are sister campuses, so they will still have my records.

I have requested to transfer to the VFW post here. I do like it after all. I have decided to not be in the Knights of Columbus anymore, and I am going to remain in the American Legion, but not be active or transfer posts. I am also not as active in NAMI.


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