: what are the odds? :

I have similar thoughts to this fairly frequently. Nicely done!

the whirly girl

You know that skin-prickling sensation you get sometimes? The one that feels like you’re being watched? Well, maybe we are. Maybe we’re being watched right this very second by an entire populace of little green men and, yes, little green women.


I mean, think about it. How certain are you Earth is the only planet capable of supporting life? Are you:
a.) Absolutely certain?
b.) Somewhat certain?
c.) Not at all certain?
d.) Don’t know

Personally, I wouldn’t bet the rent.

The visible universe, our universe, is vast. Boundless. Some would say infinite. And it’s still expanding — as we speak, the galaxies continue their retreat from each other all these years after the Big Bang. In fact, what we call outer space is now somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 billion light-years across. (One light-year, by comparison, is 6 trillion miles, plus or minus. You do the math.)


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