Over the past few years,  I have been highly disappointed and unmotivated in my life.  I was not happy with where my life was and where it was headed.  I saw no possible way to get to the place in life that I wanted to be in, and therefore I had no motivation to move off of square one.  This caused many problems for me in both my personal and professional life.  However, lately,  I have felt very content and fulfilled with my life.  I am engaged to a wonderful woman who loves me like no other woman ever has.  I am also getting more involved in NAMI, and that is taking up some of my time.   I recently joined the VFW, and I am excited about that.  I am hoping to pay my dues with the Knights of Columbus, and I plan on being more invloved with that organization.
I woke up today feeling like I normally do.  Not depressed, but not particularly happy either.  However, as the day has
progressed, I have become more and more motivated to get things done.  I have had a very productive day relative to how productive I usually am.  But today, I am frustrated for a different reason.  I feel like I am out of things to do today.  I want to do so much more.  I am having trouble finding another job, but I feel that I am ready.  Or, I could go back to college, but I am planning on waiting until the spring semester to do that.  Until then, I am just going to have to do what I can to stay productive and busy.


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