Another Thought About UFOs

Just one quick thought…what about time travel? How does this relate to UFOs you might ask??  Well what if UFOs are just time machines from the future, and the supposed “aliens” are just humans, or more evolved humans, coming back to visit us??  Am I crazy?  Or do I just watch too much television and have too much time on my hands?  I would love to know your thoughts on this!


2 thoughts on “Another Thought About UFOs

  1. themidnightphilosopher

    ooo I like that! you know what my sister said once about time travel (she was like 12). she said “I don’t believe in time travel because I haven’t met anyone from the future” haha. well in practical terms, in order to travel backwards in time, you would need to go faster than the speed of light. however, going the speed of light is impossible since it would take an infinite amount of energy, but it’s theoretically possible to go faster than the speed of light, you would just have to skip over the speed of light. stephen hawking’s book, the “a briefer history of time,” which I read but mostly didn’t understand infers that it’s possible to go backwards in time, but I don’t think it was in the hollywood way we think of. you should read it, it might answer a lot of your questions about aliens and whatnot! it would be plausible that aliens could be humans going backwards in time since perhaps in a billion of years, we would have exhausted all of our resources on earth and forced to go to a different planet, where we would have evolved to look very different…


  2. I have pondered many of the same questions. My thoughts on UFOs are that they are the vehicles of the Watchers. The problem being that we do not know which Watchers. Are they the Watchers from Genesis 3 in the Bible who came down and married with human women? These would be the watchers who “fell” with Satan. Remember that Satan is the ruler of the air. I believe that UFOs are demonic in nature and should be rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ. These aliens traveling in saucers could be the source of the great deception talked about in Revelation. Remember the anti-Chist is supposed to perform signs and miracles. I believe crop circles to be some of these false signs. The “benevolent” message that people are “killing” our planet and that these beings are here to save us is the great deception. Do not be fooled. Cows’ flatulence creates more CO2 than people do. One volcanic eruption puts more pollution into the atmosphere than people do. Should we take care of our eco system? Yes, of course, but do not buy into the false information that we are killing “mother earth.”
    As for time travel, we measure time by the rotation of the earth. If the earth stopped rotating would time stop? No it woud not. We would still age and grow older. Only our perception and measurement of the passage of time would change.


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