A wierd, random thought in the middle of the night

Do you believe in aliens and UFOs?  I don’t know what to think about them.  I believe that anything is possible.  Considering that, this may be sacreligious, but what if God is an alien?  What if we are all just some aliens “science experiment”?  Also, I wonder what it is like to be an ant?  The reason I bring that up is because what if we are all just tiny little ants compared to God or an alien, or whatever being you may believe created us.  I had much much more to say about this, but I forget what it was, because it is late and I’m tired.  Anyway, that was just something I was thinking about and wondering if I’m the only person that thinks like that sometime.  Comments are encouraged.  I would be happy to read your thoughts on the matter.


3 thoughts on “A wierd, random thought in the middle of the night

  1. themidnightphilosopher

    Hello. This is my first comment! So aliens and such. When I think about how many billions of galaxies there are in the universe and how many billions of stars are in each galaxy, I think how can there not be aliens? Statistically speaking, there probably are aliens. Now, is God an alien? is God even a being? I mean, is he even a tangible, physical being? Could he even be? I doubt it. I mean… to me, it’s more likely that he’s a presence or a force rather than a physical being. Like, he’s like gravity – you can’t see him but you know he’s there because you see the effects of his presence. So that asks, does he have a mind if he’s not a physical being? how could he not have a mind if he created us? but how could he have a mind if he’s not a physical being? aaaahhh! in conclusion, I don’t know :P. what if we’re like Sims in The Sims and God is just playing us? what if we’re just like fish in a fish bowl? what if we’re God’s 9th grade science experiment? like sea monkeys? ah! I wonder too sometimes what it would be like to be a bug or an animal, like a dog. Not because of religious reasons, but because I just wonder. I’d imagine being an animal is a lot like being drunk in that you have no judgement and don’t think in the future about much. that’s the closes I can think of in terms of being an animal. I don’t even know about being an ant!


  2. Kyle Herman

    I read some of a book about this sort of thing a couple years ago. It looked at the history of the earth and early religions. They referred to their gods as aliens or living on other planets. It’s interesting stuff. I’ll try to see if I can figure out what that book was called. It was older.


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