Nicknames from the Past and Present

This will just be a fun, silly post.

I have had quite a few nicknames in my life. My first one was when I was an infant. My biological father called me Skeeter.
I didn’t really have another one until middle school. It stuck all the way through high school. It started because I was rather chunky, I was extremely pale skinned with my shirt off, and I was swimming in cold water. Someone said “Hey, you could be a polarbear!” This kind of stuck. From then on, I was known as Polarbear, or to some just Bear.
In my adult years, there have been two that I remember. One was in my younger adult years, and that was “Big Sex the Panty Dropper”…now some simply refer to me as Oscar, as in Oscar Mayer Weiners, due to my ability to eat an unusual amount of hot dogs while tailgating.
Of course, my fiancee calls me a few different things. One is her “boo”, the other is, once again, and most recent, Bear.
That’ about all for now.


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