Separated Shoulder

So…I was talking to my fiancee after she read my first blog. She said it was good for a first attempt, but she wished I would have gone into further detail about what happened to my shoulder. So, here it is…I was on the wrestling team in high school. I injured both of my shoulders then. I have had trouble with both shoulders since then, especially in my left shoulder. To continue, when I was enlisted, everytime I did push-ups, my left shoulder felt like it would move or pop right where my collar bone hooks into my shoulder. Now I have a piece of crap car. The seat is broken in this piece of crap car. So when I drive it, holding onto the steering wheel pulls on my arm, causing my shoulder, neck, collarbone, and chest to hurt.
So to get on with the story, I went to the ER at the local VA hospital. They decided I needed to get x-rays. That night, they told me my shoulder was strained. The next day, the doctor called me and said that the x-rays actually showed that it was actually separated where the collar bone and the shoulder come together.
So I don’t know when or how it actually happened…I just know that it started hurting one day, I was seen, and now I start physical therapy on June 9th.


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